Reginald Denny (actor): British actor (1891 - 1967) | Biography
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Reginald Denny (actor)
British actor

Reginald Denny (actor)

Reginald Denny (actor)
The basics

Quick Facts

Intro British actor
Was Athlete Actor Boxer
From United Kingdom
Field Film, TV, Stage & Radio Sports
Gender male
Birth 20 November 1891, Richmond
Death 16 June 1967, Richmond (aged 75 years)
Height: 1.8034 m
The details (from wikipedia)


Reginald Leigh Denny (20 November 1891 – 16 June 1967) was an English stage, film and television actor as well as an aviator and UAV pioneer. He was once an amateur boxing champion of Great Britain.

Acting career

Born in Richmond, London, Surrey, England, Denny (sources differ on his birth name giving variously Reginald Daymore, Reginald Leigh Daymore and Reginald Leigh Dugmore Denny), but listed in birth records as Richard Leigh Dugmore, began his stage career at age seven in The Royal Family and in The Merry Widow at age 16, the year he left St. Francis Xavier College, Mayfield, Sussex. Years later he joined an opera company as a baritone, and toured India. After continuing his stage career in America, his film career started in 1915 with the old World Film Company and he made films both in the United States and Britain until the 1960s. He came from a theatrical family which went to the United States in 1912 to appear in the stage production Quaker Girl. His father was the actor and singer W.H. Denny. Reginald appeared in John Barrymore's 1920 Broadway production of Richard III; the two actors became friends.

Denny and his daughter in 1922

Denny was a well-known actor in silent films and with the advent of talkies, he became a character actor. He played the lead role in a number of his earlier films, generally as a comedic Englishman in such works as Private Lives and later had reasonably steady work as a supporting actor in dozens of films, including The Little Minister (1934) with Katharine Hepburn, Anna Karenina (1935) with Greta Garbo, Alfred Hitchcock's Rebecca (1940) and the Frank Sinatra crime caper film Assault on a Queen (1966). His last role was in Batman (1966) as Commodore Schmidlapp. He made frequent appearances in television during the 1950s and 1960s.

Aviation career

Reginald Denny 1917

He served as an observer/gunner in World War I in the Royal Flying Corps, and in the 1920s he performed as a stunt pilot. In the early 1930s, Denny became interested in radio controlled model aeroplanes. He and his business partners formed Reginald Denny Industries and opened a model plane shop in 1934 known as Reginald Denny Hobby Shops.

He bought a plane design from Walter Righter in 1938 and began marketing it as the "Dennyplane", and a model engine called the "Dennymite". In 1940, Denny and his partners won a US Army contract for their radio-controlled target drone, the OQ-2 Radioplane. They manufactured nearly fifteen thousand drones for the US Army during the Second World War. The company was purchased by Northrop in 1952.

Marilyn Monroe was discovered working as an assembler at Radioplane. A photographer assigned by Denny's friend, Army publicist (and future US President) Captain Ronald Reagan, took several shots and persuaded her to work as a model, which was the beginning of her career.


Reginald Denny died on 16 June 1967 in his 75th year after suffering a stroke whilst in England. His body was buried at Forest Lawn-Hollywood Hills Cemetery in Los Angeles, California. He was survived by his widow, Betsy and their three children. Denny was preceded in death by his daughter (from his first marriage to Irene Haisman [m. 1913–1928], which ended in divorce), Barbara Denny-Simmons who died in 1948, at age 32.

Partial filmography


  • Niobe (1915) as Cornelius Griffin
  • The Melting Pot (1915) as Undetermined Role (uncredited)
  • The Red Lantern (1919)
  • Bringing Up Betty (1919) as Tom Waring
  • The Oakdale Affair (1919) as Arthur Stockbridge
  • A Dark Lantern (1920) as Prince Anton
  • 39 East (1920) as Napolean Gibbs Jr.
  • Paying the Piper (1921) as Keith Larne
  • The Price of Possession (1921) as Robert Dawnay
  • Experience (1921)
  • Disraeli (1921) as Charles, Viscount Deeford
  • Footlights (1921) as Brett Page
  • The Beggar Maid (1921) (* short) as The Earl of Winston / King Cophetua
  • Tropical Love (1921) as The Drifter
  • The Iron Trail (1921) as Dan Appleton
  • Let's Go (1922) (* short) as Kane Halliday / 'Kid' Roberts
  • Round Two (1922) (* short) as Kane 'Kid Roberts' Halliday
  • Sherlock Holmes (1922) as Prince Alexis
  • Payment Through the Nose (1922) (* short) as Kane Halliday / Kid Roberts
  • The Leather Pushers (1922) as Kane Halliday / Kid Roberts
  • A Fool and His Money (1922) (* short) as Kane Halliday / Kid Roberts
  • The Taming of the Shrewd (1922) (* short) as Kane Halliday / Kid Roberts
  • Whipsawed (1922) (* short) as Kane Halliday / Kid Roberts
  • Never Let Go (1922) (* short) as Campbell - the Mountie
  • The Jaws of Steel (1922) (* short) as Cpl. Haldene, N.W.M.P.
  • Plain Grit (1922) (* short)
  • The Kentucky Derby (1922) as Donald Gordon
  • Young King Cole (1922) (* short) as Kane Halliday / Kid Roberts
  • He Raised Kane (1922) as Kane Halliday / Kid Roberts
  • The Chickasha Bone Crusher (1923) (* short) as Kane Halliday / Kid Roberts
  • When Kane Met Abel (1923) (* short) as Kane Halliday / Kid Roberts
  • Strike Father, Strike Son (1923) (* short) as Kane Halliday / Kid Roberts
  • Joan of Newark (1923) (* short) as Kane Halliday / Kid Roberts
  • Abysmal Brute (1923) as Pat Glendon, Jr
  • The Wandering Two (1923) (* short) as Kane Halliday / Kid Roberts
  • The Widower's Mite (1923) (* short) as Kane Halliday / Kid Roberts
  • Don Coyote (1923) (* short) as Kane Halliday / Kid Roberts
  • Something for Nothing (1923) (* short) as Kane Halliday / Kid Roberts
  • Columbia, the Gem, and the Ocean (1923) (* short) as Kane Halliday / Kid Roberts
  • Barnaby's Grudge (1923) (* short) as Kane Halliday / Kid Roberts
  • The Thrill Chaser (1924) as Cameo appearance
  • Sporting Youth (1924) as Jimmy Wood
  • The Reckless Age (1924) as Dick Minot
  • The Fast Worker (1924) as Terry Brock
  • Oh Doctor! (1925) as Rufus Billings Jr.
  • I'll Show You the Town (1925) as Alec Dupree
  • Where Was I? (1925) as Thomas S. Berford
  • California Straight Ahead (1925) as Tom Hayden
  • What Happened to Jones (1926) as Tom Jones
  • Skinner's Dress Suit (1926) as Skinner
  • Rolling Home (1926) as Nat Alden
  • Take It from Me (1926) as Tom Eggett
  • The Cheerful Fraud (1926) as Sir Michael Fairlie
  • Fast and Furious (1927) as Tom Brown
  • Out All Night (1927) as John Graham
  • On Your Toes (1927) as Elliott Beresford
  • That's My Daddy (1927) as James 'Jimmy' Norton
  • Good Morning, Judge (1928) as Freddie Grey
  • The Night Bird (1928) as Kid Davis (his last silent film)


  • Red Hot Speed (1928) as Darrow
  • Clear the Decks (1929) as Jack Armitage
  • His Lucky Day (1929) as Charles Blaydon
  • One Hysterical Night (1929) as William 'Napoleon' Judd
  • Embarrassing Moments (1930) as Thaddeus Cruikshank
  • What a Man! (1930) as Wade Rawlins
  • Madam Satan (1930) as Bob Brooks
  • Those Three French Girls (1930) as Larry
  • A Lady's Morals (1930) as Paul Brandt
  • Oh, for a Man! (1930) as Barney McGann
  • Parlor, Bedroom and Bath (1931) as Jeffrey Haywood
  • Kiki (1931) as Victor Randall
  • Stepping Out (1931) as Tom Martin
  • Private Lives (1931) as Victor
  • Strange Justice (1932) as Judson
  • The Iron Master (1933) as Steve Mason
  • The Barbarian (1933) as Gerald Hume - Diana's Fiancee
  • The Big Bluff (1933)
  • Only Yesterday (1933) as Bob
  • Fog (1933) as Dr. Winstay
  • The Lost Patrol (1934) as Brown
  • Dancing Man (1934) as Paul Drexel
  • The World Moves On (1934) as Griffiths
  • Of Human Bondage (1934) as Griffiths
  • We're Rich Again (1934) as Bookington 'Bookie' Wells
  • One More River (1934) as David Dornford
  • The Richest Girl in the World (1934) as Phillip Lockwood
  • The Little Minister (1934) as Captain Halliwell
  • Lottery Lover (1935) as Capt. Payne
  • Without Children (1935) as Phil Graham
  • Vagabond Lady (1935) as John 'Johnny' Spear
  • No More Ladies (1935) as Oliver
  • Here's to Romance (1935) as Emery Gerard
  • Anna Karenina (1935) as Yashvin
  • The Lady in Scarlet (1935) as Oliver Keith
  • Remember Last Night? (1935) as Jake Whitridge
  • Midnight Phantom (1935) as Prof. David Graham
  • The Preview Murder Mystery (1936) as Johnny Morgan
  • It Couldn't Have Happened - But It Did (1936) as Greg Stone
  • Romeo and Juliet (1936) as Benvolio - Nephew to Montgue and Friend to Romeo
  • Two in a Crowd (1936) as James Stewart Anthony
  • More Than a Secretary (1936) as Bill Houston
  • We're in the Legion Now! (1936) as Dan Linton
  • Bulldog Drummond Escapes (1937) as Algy Langworth
  • Join the Marines (1937) as Steve Lodge
  • Women of Glamour (1937) as Fritz 'Frederick' Eagan
  • Let's Get Married (1937) as George Willoughby
  • The Great Gambini (1937) as William Randall
  • Jungle Menace (1937 serial) as Ralph Marshall [Chs.1-3]
  • Bulldog Drummond Comes Back (1937) as Algy Longworth
  • Beg, Borrow or Steal (1937) as Clifton Summitt
  • Bulldog Drummond's Revenge (1937) as Algy Longworth
  • Bulldog Drummond's Peril (1938) as Algy Longworth
  • Four Men and a Prayer (1938) as Capt. Douglas Loveland
  • Blockade (1938) as Edward Grant
  • Bulldog Drummond in Africa (1938) as Algy Longworth
  • Arrest Bulldog Drummond (1938) as Algy Longworth
  • Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police (1939) as Algy Longworth
  • Everybody's Baby (1939) as Dr. Pilcoff
  • Bulldog Drummond's Bride (1939) as Algy Longworth
  • Rebecca (1940) as Frank Crawley
  • Spring Parade (1940) as The Major
  • Seven Sinners (1940) as Captain Church
  • One Night in Lisbon (1941) as Erich Strasser
  • International Squadron (1941) as Wing Commander Severn
  • Appointment for Love (1941) as Michael Dailey
  • Captains of the Clouds (1942) as Commanding Officer
  • Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror (1942) as Sir Evan Barham
  • Eyes in the Night (1942) as Stephen Lawry
  • Thunder Birds (1942) as Barrett
  • Over My Dead Body (1942) as Richard 'Dick' Brenner
  • The Crime Doctor's Strangest Case (1943) as Paul Ashley
  • Song of the Open Road (1944) as Director Curtis
  • Love Letters (1945) as Defense Counsel Phillips
  • Tangier (1946) as Fernandez
  • The Locket (1946) as Mr. Wendell
  • My Favorite Brunette (1947) as James Collins
  • The Macomber Affair (1947) as Police Inspector
  • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (1947) as Colonel
  • Christmas Eve (1947) as Phillip Hastings
  • Escape Me Never (1947) as Mr. MacLean
  • Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (1948) as Simms
  • The Iroquois Trail (1950) as Capt. Edward Brownell
  • Fort Vengeance (1953) as Inspector Trevett
  • Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1953) as Inspector
  • World for Ransom (1954) as Maj. Ian Bone
  • Sabaka (1954) as Sir Cedric
  • Escape to Burma (1955) as Commissioner
  • The Donald O'Connor Show (NBC) (1955) as Himself
  • Around the World in 80 Days (1956) as Bombay Police Inspector
  • Cat Ballou (1965) as Sir Harry Percival
  • Batman Series TV (1966, episodes 11 and 12) as King Boris
  • Assault on a Queen (1966) as Master-at-Arms
  • Batman (1966) as Commodore Schmidlapp (final film role)

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